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The activity

Our sector, that of the attractions for amusement park, is all over the world in development and it founds on great project and carry-out abilities, because the merry-go-rounds still have need of so much imagination and manual job, not being series product.
Every year in the amusement park of the world are recorded presences for hundreds of million of people and the 70% of the merry-go-rounds to the world are built in Europe and to a large extent in Italy. Just for this reality, in 1987 a group of technicians has given life to the ANCASVI, that is the first European Association of Builders counting counting approx. 40 in partnership firms today .The principal aim’s association is to favor then and to promote all the activities turned to the development of the sector, protecting the affairs of the builders, facing thematic communes to the in partnership firms.
To do this we are in contact to national level with the goverments and the competent authorities and through the organization of seminars and conferences, the technicians and the operators of the partnership firms are constantly informed on the evolution of the norms that concerne the sector. ANCASVI wants handed as authoritative representative of a national constructive tradition of the sector of the amusement parks.

The association is continually adjourned on the national and international normative panorama. Through own technical committee, besides, ANCASVI is actively inserted, from over 10 years, in the project of European standard technique – CEN/TC 152 that specifically draws the matter “machine and structures for fairs and amusement park – safety“.

The best results

From 1995 the European secretary office is submitted to Italy, to our national corporate body of unification UNI. In 1996 we have received the order m/233 from the European committee, that finally required in official way that was made an European technical norm on the safety of these equipments.
The technical Italian standard n. 10894, in which the technicians of the Ancasvi have actively participated, are in vigor and have brought us to the state-of-the-art international in the normative sector.

We are participating in the jobs of the ASTM, that it elaborates the same technical norms in the United States. The American norm, thanks to our contribution, in many points has been modified for being the more possible harmonized with that European. This could allow us in a next future an easy approach to a ISO world norm.

To European level we have contacts and collaborations with many Countries and Institutions: we belong to the NAFLIC, the organism of certification English that accredits the organisms of certification in the sector of the amusement, while in Italy it is very strong the collaboration with ANESV.
From July 2000 we have given life to the EAASI, the European association of the builders of attractions and similar.
A Deputy President ANCASVI has been chosen to be the first President of the European association EAASI; and the actual President of ANCASVI has been choosen to be the actual President of the European Committee CEN/TC 152.