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The technical office of ANCASVI is endowed with a technical library very furnished, to which the associates can free enter for the consultation.
The following list contains the available norms are brought in the library ANCASVI.

UNI EN 288-4 01/11/93 Specification and approval of welding procedures for metallic materials – Welding procedure tests for the arc welding of aluminium and its alloys
UNI EN 563 01/06/94 Safety of machinery. Temperatures of touchable surfaces. Ergonomics data to establish temperature limit values for hot surfaces
UNI EN 970 01/10/97 Non-destructive examination of fusion welds. Visual examination
UNI EN 10025 01/01/95 Hot rolled products of non – alloys structural steel. Technical delivery conditions
UNI EN 10083-2 01/09/93 Quenched and tempered steels – Technical delivery conditions for unalloyed quality steels
UNI EN 10164 01/12/94 Steel products with improved deformation properties perpendicular to the surface of the product. Technical delivery conditions
UNI EN 12062 01/02/98 Non-destructive examination of welds – General rules for metallic materials
UNI EN 20898-7 31/07/96 Mechanical properties of fasteners. Torsional test and minimum torques for bolts and screws with nominal diameters 1 mm to 10 mm
UNI EN 22553 01/05/97 Welded, brazed and soldered joints. Symbolic representation on drawings